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In I-Lab, we work on innovation and commercialisation. We help you challenge the status quo: How to generate great ideas? How to validate and progress them? How to get them in front of the right people? 


Innovations Lab intent is to be the catalyst that helps ideas to be heard, developed and commercialized. Ideas enter the innovation lab, turn into safe experiments, and graduate into full roll-out projects through appropriate guidance from our Innovation Ambassadors. In I-lab, we cooperate with a range of public and private Universities and research centers in the Country.

Within i-lab, Knowledge Center offers the following services to businesses:

1. Innovation Audits –  A methodological identification of strengths and weaknesses in the innovation processes and practices of teams and organizations. 

2. Product/Service Development Services- from an idea to a product/service with the assistance and transfer of knowledge from the most appropriate business partners, Higher ED researchers, and laboratories in the country, the region, and the EU.

3. Innovation Boot Camps – Training programs, innovation seminars, and workshops to boost the innovation effectiveness of teams and companies - the perfect way to spark rapid progress in the innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment in organizations.

4. Networking and Capital raising events;

Let our teams strengthen your innovation capacities to your advantage!

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in learning more about the services of Innovations Lab.